The most powerful and secure random number algorithm you could ever want.

What we have to offer

We have both a great free and paid plans to give you the best numbers for your money. All at fair and low prices.

Real Random

With our powerful, highly complex, dedicated True-Random algorithm you can always ensure you are getting unique random numbers.

Easy API

With our easy to use, fast and always running API you can spend more time getting your algorithms and security out there to your clients!


We pride ourself on providing you with the most secure and truly random numbers that we can which we achieve by rolling the dice in house!

See it in action

Here's a video of our military grade randomization in action


We have an easy to use API so you can get your secure random numbers with ease.

Generating a number

GET /api/random

To authenticate with our number generator you need to provide your api token in the authentication header. Using no header will result in the free plan being used

Our pricing plans

We have lots of affordable plans for all your random number needs!



Ideal for anyone who wants to get secure military grade performance all from just one API

  • 2 Shakes per roll
  • 5/request per hour rate limit
  • Military grade randomization
  • API
  • Free!
  • Free cake
  • Free ducks
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$ 35 /per 5 rolls

Perfectly meet all of your company's randomization needs. Give your company the edge in security.

  • 6 Shakes per roll
  • 100/request per hour rate limit
  • Military grade randomization
  • API
  • Almost free!
  • Free cake
  • Free ducks
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$ 420.69 /month

Great for large organizations that need lots of highly secure military grade randomization.

  • 12 Shakes for high security
  • No rate limit
  • Military grade randomization
  • API
  • Uhh yeah... freeish
  • Free cake
  • Free ducks
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